10th Global Forum on Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery:
Disparities in Resources, Education and Sustainability:
A Discussion of Possible Solutions.

We are delighted to be hosting the 10th Global Forum on Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery October 17-18, 2014 in the “Birthplace of the Blues and the Home of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, Memphis, Tennessee. We will focus this year’s Global Forum on the issues of the delivery of assistance to areas of conflict, and regions of profound poverty. Since the pivotal revelation that a great disparity existed in the care of those throughout most of the world what impact have we all had on improving this dismal situation and exactly how do we approach building solutions. Why are there still great disparities within countries in infrastructure and delivery of services and what more can we do to overcome these issues? How have we changed the landscape with the implementation of international databases and nurse empowerment? How do we provide education and what measures do we have that our models and implementation are effective?

We have developed a stimulating program to discuss some of the issues that remain in the equalization of cardiac care throughout the less fortunate parts of the world and hope that you will join us to work towards viable solutions. A diverse faculty of invited speakers will provide opening talks for each session. We are sure that many of you have significant contributions to make in the 9 sessions that have been identified for the 10th Global Forum.  The sessions for the forum are: Regions of Conflict or Revolutionary Change, Hispaniola- Island of Contrasts, Scope of the Problem in 2014, Building Solutions, International Databases-Are they Tools for Progress?, Nursing Team Development/Empowerment as Tools for Program Growth, Disparity of Healthcare Resources with Countries/Regions, The Zen of Fishing-How do you Teach and Measure your Effectiveness?

To maximize your opportunities to network with other participants we have decided to include continental breakfast (Memphis style) daily. Afternoon coffee and tea breaks will be highlighted with wine selections on one day and a special Bacardi “Mojito Break” the other. An evening mixer will be held on Friday evening and of course a welcome reception for those arriving on Thursday evening. 

Come and join us in Memphis for this unique event, enjoy Beale Street, Memphis barbeque and take time to see the National Civil Rights Museum while gaining insight into the problems that remain for those of us trying to improve the care of those with heart disease around the world.

William M Novick  M.S.,M.D.
International Children's Heart Foundation
University of Tennessee
80 Monroe Ste. G1
38103 Memphis, TN
United States